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The Insight - Issue #1

Will “paperless office” Really Come?

A recent AIIM study, Information governance – records, risks and retention in the litigation age, found that 31% admitted their inferior electronic records keeping is causing problems with regulators and auditors, while 14% said they were incurring fines or bad publicity due to bad handling of information

showed that for 42% of organisations, the volume of paper records is increasing. However, as organisations get inundated with more and more content, the issue of retention and deletion has come to the fore to put some restraint on the exponential growth in electronic storage as well as in paper storage. This is why, more than ever, good information governance is required.

Nearly half (46%) of organisations would “definitely not” or “probably not” consider using cloud for managing electronic records, although 23% would consider using an existing paper records outsourcer for cloud services.

Meanwhile, budgets for records management technology continue to increase, with 45% of organisations planning to spend more and only 14% looking to spend less. Automated classification tools, enterprise search and email management are likely to be the biggest growth areas. Although around two-thirds of organisations will have some level of information governance policy in place, its effectiveness is widely crippled by poor training. Only 16% regularly train all staff while 31% do no training at all.

Meanwhile, in half of those surveyed there is considerable inequality between the practices applied to paper records versus electronic records – and large gaps for both. While retention periods are widely set for both media, they are less likely to actually be implemented for electronic records – people hesitate to click the delete button.

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